I specialize in Gold, Silver, and Bronze age comics of all genres. since 1985, I have provided countless collectors with the best deals on gold, silver and bronze age books.

I was fortunate Having 3 older cousins in the early 1960s, since they all donated their comic collections to me! unfortunately my mom threw them out around 1965! thus began my quest.... having been a collector, i know what a discriminating collector expects and over the past 25 years i have honed my grading skill to a razor’s edge.

In addition to my website please visit the over 4500 comics I have on ebay. http://stores.ebay.com/JH-Comics

all tm characters property of their respective owners.

Welcome to my site!

Name: Jef

Age: gold, silver and bronze

Location: Madison, Wi.

Occupation: comic book  maven

favorite hero: Reed Richards

Favorite anti-hero: herbie